About Us

SFC_0010We’ve been a team for almost 10 years: Danilo Frisone and Saverio Crescente.
Chef and Patron; flavours and the meaning of things. We met through a shared career path and a desire to create something of our own. And an unmissable opportunity: a restaurant in the centre of Rome, just a short walk from the Pantheon. This is how a project on paper became a reality, our reality: the Ristorante Grano.

A restaurant that perfectly represents our desire to play the perfect host. Loyal to the Southern roots we share, we have strived from the very start to create a high-class restaurant, without losing the feeling of warmth and familiarity in the décor and Menu choices.


Our decision to use the Wheat symbol, the shades of white on the Restaurant walls, the Menu full of Mediterranean flavours. All of our choices are born of the same desire: to find the perfect balance between quality, taste and creativity.

In the kitchen, Danilo is dedicated to creating dishes that bring joy to both the palate and the heart: carefully selected ingredients, original recipes, clean flavours. In short, creativity, but with taste.

In the dining room, Saverio will put paid to any prejudices about the professionalism and courtesy of the restaurants of central Rome. And he will do so absolutely naturally, because playing host is his true passion.

On the walls, a gift to ourselves and to whoever comes to visit us: the works of Enzo Apicella, a painter and designer known throughout the world and, above all, a friend.

“Dishes created using simple cooking ingredients that bring to mind childhood memories of fragrances, flavours and feelings that I am able to relive only through working in the kitchen. Traditions that make up our cultural fabric and that inspire me to revisit and recall old flavours with new awareness and sensitivity”.
Danilo Frisone

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